Sokkia SRX5X Robotic Total Station

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Sokkia SRX5X Robotic Total Station for sale, this 5” second accuracy, a complete one-man layout solution

Very lightly used and everything still in excellent condition. The unit has been shop tested and calibrated by authorized Sokkia, firmware updated and fresh calibration certificate

Set up ready to go out of the box and works flawlessly condition

Used Sokkia SRX5X sale includes:

  • Sokkia SRX5 5” Robotic Total Station
  • Sokkia RC-PR4 Kit
  • Sokkia SHC2500 with Spectrum Survey Field Software
  • Sokkia 360 prism
  • Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • (2) Chargers
  • (3) Batteries
  • Carry Case

Sokkia SRX5 5” Robotic Total Station with Long-Range Bluetooth Communication. The unique SRX On-Demand Remote Control System revolutionizes the way you survey with total stations. Intelligent target search and robust Auto-Tracking capability minimize downtime due to loss of target lcok or an undesired sighting of reflective objects. Unique prism systems can be optimally configured to obtain the highest work efficiency.


  • Long-Range Bluetooth Link between total station and pole (300m - 980ft)- No more troublesome radios to configure.
  • RED-tech EX High Precision Reflectorless EDM- Pinpoint accuracy on measurements up to 500m (1,640ft)
  • Fully Functional Auto-Tracking
  • False Sighting Recovery- remote control system quickly returns it to prism if SRX gets caught sighting another reflective object
  • Guide Light for rough lateral positioning

The SX-Series from Sokkia is a fully-robotic, auto-tracking and auto-pointing robotic total station, with on-demand target reacquisition. The SX-Series features innovative auto-tracking and EDM technologies that maximize the robotic capability.

Sokkia’s auto-tracking SX features cutting-edge laser technology, optimized optical design, a newly-developed motor drive mechanism, and further refined tracking algorithm, to achieve extremely robust auto-tracking capability. The SRX X-Series constantly tracks a moving prism even in strong backlight or with repetitive interruptions in the line-of-sight, dramatically reducing the possibility of losing a prism lock. Even if the lock is lost, the advanced on-demand remote control system allows the SRX to instantly recover the prism lock, ensuring increased productivity in all robotic surveying and setting-out tasks.

Sokkia’s SX has Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free use, making this single-operator Total Station even more convenient. Multiple data interfaces, including USB and Compact Flash, make data in the field easy to transport back to the office. Saving data is easier than ever before with the options of USB or compact flash.

To set this robot apart from all others, the Sokkia SX offers 1,000m (3,280 ft.) reflectorless measurement range. The new RED-tech 800 EDM provides increased accuracy and range in distance measurements with or without reflectors, incorporating the new optical design, the enhanced signal processing algorithm, as well as the ultra-high signal modulation frequencies of up to 468.75MHz. It measures up to 6,000m (19,680 ft.) distance with a single prism, and up to 800m (2,620 ft.) without a reflector. Sokkia’s developers didn’t stop there; they also enhanced the encoder with IACS technology. Groundbreaking new Independent Angle Calibration System (IACS) provides extremely reliable angle measurement with unprecedented stability.

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