Trimble S6 5" DR300+ Robotic Total Station

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Trimble S6 5” Robotic DR300+ for sale, including TCU Control Unit SLSU-S2006 Robotic holder including built-in 2.4 GHz Radio.

Still like new in great working condition. Units has been tested, sesrviced and calibrated by certified Trimble, set up ready to start surveying and works flawlessly with Trimble working standards

Trimble S6 5” Robotic DR300+ for sale includes:

  • Trimble S6 5” Robotic, DR300+
  • TCU Control Unit, internal 2.4GHZ radio
  • SLSU-S2006 Robotic Holder including built in 2.4GHz Radio
  • MT1000 Trimble MultiTrack Target, including 7.4V Li-Ion battery Robotic Power Kit
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Tribrach without Optical Plummet
  • Laser Adjustment Plate, Laser Adjustment Tool
  • Rain Cover
  • Prism, Reflective Foil
  • 2x Test Certificate
  • CD-Multiple Trimble instruments
  • Manual, Shortform Users Guide
  • Tool for S6 Handle
  • Toolkit for Tribrach and Optical Plummet
  • Lens Rain Cover
  • Panel Attachment Cover Radio Antenna

Trimble S6 total station offers field-proven optical and GPS integration in a field to office. The controller of your choice connects without wires to the GPS system. It can be changed between detectors, collecting all information into a single job file for data transfer.

Trimble S6 Total Station supplies the ability and flexibility required by today’s surveying professionals. Using Trimble VISION technologies, the Trimble S6 Total Station enables surveyors to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from the tool on their data control. The Trimble S6 Robotic redefines surveying tool performance with an unsurpassed integration of servos, angle sensors, and measurement technology.

The Trimble S6 Robotic Complete Station offers innovative MagDrive technologies for stunning speed. It takes the work from servo or surveying.

Numerous features and the latest technologies will catapult your productivity and profitability. And as an upgradable studying solution, the Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station will grow with your business.

The advanced error compensation of the instrument provides precise measurements every time. Together with MagDrive servo technology’s smooth servo motors, the Trimble S6 offers exceptional speed and accuracy.

Choose from passive or active monitoring with the Trimble MultiTrackTM Target, the only target of its type in the surveying industry. Active tracking ensures you find and lock to the target. When you are using the Trimble MultiTrack Goal, nearby reflective surfaces, like road signs, cars, safety vests, and other prisms, won’t disrupt your surveys.

The Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station will lock and monitor a huge array of aims and standard prisms to exceptional selection. Surveyors can choose between active and passive tracking with the Trimble ® MultiTrack™ Target. Opportunities in most applications that are surveying expand.

If MagDrive and MultiTrack speed still aren’t sufficient, the robotic Trimble S6 instrument goes to the extreme using Trimble® GPS Search. A function in field applications, GPS Search, employs GPS to locate a prism that is missing quickly. In just 3 seconds the Trimble S6 can zip to the correct position and lock onto the autonomous rover

GPS Search is a characteristic in Trimble Survey Controller™ field software that works together with the Trimble MultiTrack Goal to Boost Trimble S6 Total Station speed.

What is MagDrive technology? Trimble MagDrive is an industry-leading technology only found in Trimble S and SX Series total stations. It silently and precisely articulates horizontal and vertical angles instead of using servo motors.


  • Now available with Trimble VISION™ technology for video robotic control and scene documentation
  • Trimble DR Plus™ technology for long range and superior accuracy
  • Unmatched fast and smooth performance with MagDrive™ servo technology
  • Trimble SurePoint™ accuracy assurance automatically corrects instrument pointing
  • Fully upgradable from Servo to Autolock and Robotic technologies
  • Angular Accuracy: 3″
  • Radio Side Cover: Yes
  • Bluetooth Module: Yes
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