Topcon Hiper V Rover GD UHFII 440-470

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Topcon  Hiper V Rover GD Digital UHFII 440-470 and FC-500 Field Controller Network Rover Configuration

Topcon Hiper V Rover sale includes:

  • Topcon Hiper V Receiver
  • OAF, HiPer V L2 GPS
  • OAF, HiPer V RTK 10 Hz 
  • Antenna, UHF 440-470 Male BNC
  • Topnet 40hr Licence Incl Sim card
  • FC-500 GEO +3G Controller with Pole Bracket
  • Magnet Field GPS Software
  • GPS Composite Pole
  • Topcon Easycare

Topcon HiPer V | Tracks more signals with Vanguard technology

Topcon's latest addition to the HiPer family of GNSS products is the HiPer V, a versatile, configurable receiver that features Topcon's patented Vanguard technology for enhanced signal tracking and reliable performance.

This rugged, high performance receiver features:

  • Vanguard chip for comprehensive signal tracking
  • Rugged, magnesium alloy housing
  • Integrated RTK and static receiver
  • Fence antenna

The Vanguard chip has 226-channel ASIC tracking, enabling it to track all current and upcoming GNSS constellations and signals for superior performance, accuracy and sensitivity. Vanguard technology delivers:

  • 226 universal tracking channels for ultimate GNSS flexibility
  • Compact system-on-chip, multicore design with small integration footprint
  • L1/L2/L5 triple-frequency signal support
  • L-band signal demodulator
  • Multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass
  • Increased sensitivity for tracking in shade
  • Reduced power consumption

Topcon FC-500 Field Controller

The new Topcon FC-500 data controller is designed for the construction professional operating the Topcon MAGNET™ Field, Site, and Layout, software as well as Topcon’s Pocket 3D.  The controller works with all of Topcon’s GPS receivers and total stations. This handheld computer meets and exceeds all field applications. The FC-500 has an optional 3.5G cell modem that provides  access to MAGNET Enterprise for sending and receiving data files.

  • Large sunlight readable display – 4.3 inch
  • MIL-STD 810G and IP68 certified
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 5 MP camera (optional)
  • 3.5G cellular module (optional)
  • Internal GPS 2-5m accuracy (optional)
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