Topcon HiPer SR Network Rover GGD

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Topcon HiPer SR Network Rover GGD 10Hz and FC-500 Field Controller Network Rover Configuration

Topcon HiPer SR Network Rover GGD 10Hz sale Includes:

  • Topcon Hiper SR Receiver
  • OAF, HiPer SR, Network Only RTK, GGD 10Hz
  • Topnet 40hr Licence Incl Sim card
  • FC-500 GEO +3G Controller with Pole Bracket
  • Magnet Field GPS Software
  • GPS Composite Pole
  • Topcon Easycare

Topcon HiPer SR roviding leading edge technology in a smart, rugged design, the new HiPer SR with optional Cellular configuration adds possibilities to your job site. With an integrated cellular modem, the new HiPer SR becomes an extended GNSS range site receiver and can be used in a variety of setup including MAGNET Relay, Network, and LongLinkTM. While bringing flexibility, the HiPer SR Cellular configuration still provides superior performance at an affordable price.

  • 226-channel Vanguard Technology
  • Universal Tracking Technology
  • Advanced Fence AntennaTM Technology
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged design
  • Fully integrated LongLinkTM
  • Cellular (optional) configuration
  • Dual SIM Card Support (micro)
  • Sealed battery providing up to 20 hours of operation
  • Hybrid ready

Integrated Technology

The integrated receiver design includes a GNSS receiver board based on Vanguard™ technology, industry leading Fence Antenna™, internal long?life batteries, memory storage, optional cellular configuration, and Topcon’s innovative LongLink™ wireless communication technology. The Topcon HiPer SR delivers world?class positioning and navigation capability to your application by tracking signals from multi?constellation satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS.


In addition to ruggedness, the HiPer SR is the most versatile configurable, compact receiver system available. Use just 2 units in many configurations, depending on the demands of the project site. Use as a job site base and rover with interference-free LongLink communication up to 300m, or base and rover with MAGNET Relay cellular communication RTK up to 35km baselines. A pair of HiPer SR receivers can also be used as 2 network rovers with internal SIM cards, 2 network rovers with internet capable field controllers, 2 dual frequency static receivers, or in conjunction with a robotic instrument for Hybrid Positioning. All these configurations from just 2 receivers that can fit into any laptop carrying bag. That's versatile performance!


Topcon's HiPer SR provides you the power to work through the toughest conditions all day long, and then some! It's Topcon's leading edge GNSS technology in a smart, compact, ultra-rugged package. With it's lightweight design and magnesium housing the HiPer SR is guaranteed to survive a 2m on the pole drop to concrete. And the sealed long-life power supply keeps you working for up to 20 hours between charges.

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