Topcon GR-3 Base Rover FC-500

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Topcon GR-3 Base Rover FC-500 for sale, GPS, GLONASS, L1 L2 L5, Digital UHF Radio.

Has been Calibrated by a Topcon Authorized Service Center. The Topcon FC-500 Field Controller come with Magnet GPS Software

Topcon GR-3 Base Rover FC-500 sale includes:

  • 2x Topcon GR-3 Receivers, Base and Rover
  • Topcon FC-500 Field Controller w/ Magnet GPS Software
  • Controller Battery and Charger
  • GR-3 Battery and Chargers (Batteries have been tested an hold a charge)
  • Hard Carry Case

Topcon GR-3 G3 GNSS Receiver Overview

Topcon GR-3 receiver, the next generation of system design and tracking technology, with a completely new digital UHF radio system utilizing DSP technology. This technological advancement delivers far greater reliability and performance than older analog UHF technology of the past and sets new standards for performance, accuracy and innovative design.

GPS receiver design has taken a quantum leap forward with the new GR-3. It starts with 72 ”universal” channels that support all current and planned satellite positioning signals. Then there’s the micro-tuned, precision antenna capable of receiving all G3 positioning signals with Topcon’s patented center-mount radio antenna for superior signal tracking and interference reduction.

The GR-3 receiver incorporates a unique dual communication system, featuring both cellular and radio technology. Offering a 915 MgHz Spread Spectrum internal Tx/Rx* or Digital UHF radio, the GR-3 can serve roles as either an RTK base or rover system. *** 915 MgHz Spread Specturm radio technology is not approved for use in Europe or Asia


  • Digital UHF or Spread Spectrum radio
  • Advanced Rugged System Design
  • 72 Universal Tracking Channels
  • RTK 10Hz position and raw observation
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • G3 Satellite Tracking (GPS, Glonass, Galileo)
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