Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner

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For sale Trimble TX8, paired with Trimble RealWorks Advanced and 340m extended range enabled

Lightly used year 2015, has been shop tested by authorized Trimble service. Set up ready to working to scan condition

Trimble TX8 sale includes

  • Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner with 340m extended range option enabled
  • Trimble TX Battery Kit, including charger, 4 batteries, cables, and hard case
  • TX8 Transportation case
  • USB flash drive 64GB
  • 12V power supply and cable
  • Tribrach with optical plummet
  • Lens cleaning fluid and tissues
  • Stylus

Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner Overview

Delivering state-of-the-art speed and high precision, the Trimble TX8 produces the high quality results needed for comprehensive worksite data collection. For applications that require the high levels of accuracy and flexibility, the TX8 lets contractors gather data more quickly from each setup while the long range capacity reduces the number of setups needed to get the job done.

Using Trimble’s patented Lightning technology, the Trimble TX8 can measure one million points per second while capturing precise data over its full measurement range of 360 degrees x 317 degrees. Less susceptible to variation in surface types and atmospheric conditions, you can capture complete datasets from each station with a typical scan time of only 3 minutes.

Right for the Jobsite, a color touchscreen display and one-button scanning make data capture easy and efficient. With its eye-safe Class 1 non-visible laser, the Trimble TX8 is safe to use even in busy public places. Featuring a rugged design, IP54 environmental rating and the ability to capture data in bright sunlight you can expect high productivity from each scan session.

Ideal for Constructing Projects, the Trimble TX8 is used by contractors for a wide range of jobsite applications:

  • Pre-construction as-builts
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)
  • Quality control during construction
  • Floor flatness analysis
  • Comparing design intent to as-built conditions

Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner Key Features

  • Increase field productivity with the fastest, high resolution scans on the market
  • Confidence in data accuracy, clarity and richness
  • True performance in real world environments
  • Fast image capture to colorize scans with VISION technology
  • Intuitive and easy to operate

Trimble TX8 Technical Spesification


  • Scanning principle: Vertically rotating mirror on horizontally rotating base
  • Range principle: Ultra-high speed time-of-flight powered by Trimble Lightning technology
  • Scanning speed: 1 million pts/sec
  • Maximum range: 120 m on most surfaces 340 m with optional upgrade
  • Range noise: <2 mm on most surfaces with Standard scan modes <1 mm with High Precision scan mode2

Range measurement

  • Laser class: 1, eye safe in accordance with IEC EN60825-1
  • Laser wavelength: 1.5 µm, invisible
  • Laser beam diameter: 6–10–34 mm @ 10–30–100m
  • Minimum range: 0.6 m
  • Max. standard range: 120 m on 18–90% reflectivity 100 m on very low reflectivity (5%)
  • Extended range1: 340 m
  • Range noise: <2 mm from 2 m to 120 m on 18–90% reflectivity in Standard modes; <1 mm from 2 m to 80 m on 18–90% reflectivity in High Precision mode
  • Range systematic error: <2 mm


  • Field of view: 360° x 317°
  • Angular accuracy: 80 µrad


  • Integrated HDR camera: 10 megapixel resolution, full field of view
  • Image capture duration: 1 min for Standard, 2 min for HDR, External camera kits are available for higher resolution HDR images


  • Touchscreen display: TFT-LCD with 24-bit color
  • Size (mm): 93 (H) x 55.8 (V), equivalent 4.3” diagonal
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 (WVGA)
  • Luminance resolution: 8 bits
  • Leveling: External bubble, onboard electronic bubble
  • Dual axis compensation: Selectable on/off
  • Resolution: 0.3”
  • Range:  ±5’
  • Accuracy: 1”
  • Data storage: USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  • Remote control: Operate with Trimble tablet or other mobile device via WLAN or with Windows 7 or higher PC or tablet via USB cable4


  • Dimensions: 335 mm W x 386 mm H x 242 mm D (13.2 in W x 15.2 in H x 9.5 in D)
  • Weight: 10.7 kg (23.6 lb) with tribrach and no battery; 11.2 kg (24.7 lb) with tribrach and battery
  • Power supply: 76 mm W x 43 mm H x 130 mm D (3.0 in W x 1.7 in H x 5.1 in D);
  • Weight: 0.66 kg (1.46 lb)
  • Battery dimensions: 89.2 mm W x 20.1 mm H x 149.1 mm D (3.5 in W x 0.8 in H x 5.9 in D)
  • Battery weight: 0.46 kg (1 lb)
  • Power consumption: 72 W
  • Scan time per battery: >2 hours
  • Instrument case: 500 mm W x 366 mm H x 625 mm D (19.7 in W x 14.4 in H x 24.6 in D)


  • Operating temperature range (non-condensing atmosphere): –0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
  • Storage temperature: –20 °C to +50 °C (–4 °F to 122 °F)
  • Operating humidity range: Non condensing
  • Lighting conditions: All indoor & outdoor conditions over entire range (no lighting limitations)
  • Protection class: IP54
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