FARO Laser Tracker X V2

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FARO Laser Tracker X V2 for sale, has been shop tested, ready to working condition, Tracked out to 160FT radius

Lightly used year 2008, FARO Laser Tracker X V2 sale includes all necessary cables and blue shipping cases.

The FARO Laser Tracker X V2 adds higher accuracy and expanded temperature range. The FARO Laser TrackerX V2 is a portable contact measurement system which uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It has a 230-foot range, achieves 0.001” accuracy, and runs in two-distance measurement modes, making it the most accurate and flexible Laser Tracker system.

  • XtremeADM: Acquires the beam instantly with fast, highaccuracy absolute distance measurement (ADM).
  • SelfComp: Automatically compensates to quickly ensure high accuracy
  • Full Featured Standard Equipment: Integrated precision level and weather station.
  • Smart Warm-Up: Newly expanded operating temperature, along with active thermal compensation make it ready for all environments
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Mounts vertically, horizontally or upside down, providing versatility in tight or congested shop areas
  • Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors: Certified precision probes

The system measures 3D coordinates with its laser by following a mirrored spherical probe. With high accuracy angular encoders and XtremeADM — Absolute Distance Measurement, it reports the 3D position of the probe in real-time.

It enables manufacturing, service, engineering, and quality control professionals to measure and align large parts, assemblies, and machinery on-site, in-process, or wherever it’s most efficient and cost-effective. With the exclusive technology in the X and Xi V2, the FARO Tracker is even more battle-ready for your facility’s most extreme measurement challenges.

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