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FARO Freestyle 3D X for sale, Smart handheld 3D Laser Scanner

The Freestyle3D X with extra accuracy is suitable for all applications in which challenging projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives. The FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X is especially designed for challenging scanning projects which require highest accuracy. It is suitable for all applications in which demanding projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives.

FARO Freestyle 3D X Features:

  • Xtra accuracy: The verifiable accuracy of 1mm enables you to carry out highly challenging scanning projects.
  • Optional on-site calibration: The device can be easily calibrated on-site ensuring high quality data. A PDF report with key data permits maximum and verifiable confidence in the acquired data.
  • Automatic flash: The new auto mode automatically activates and de-activates the built-in LED light depending on the existing light conditions.
  • Real-time point cloud visualization: The real-time point cloud visualization supports the intuitive data acquisition, even for untrained operators.
  • Up to 8m³ scanning volume: The extensive scan volume boosts productivity by reducing scan time.
  • Best point filter: The new best point filter minimizes the noise and allows to get optimum data quality.

FARO Freestyle 3D X Spesification

  • Range: 0.5 - 3m
  • Resolution @ 0.5m distance
    • Lateral: 0.2mm - 1mm
    • Depth: 0.2mm
  • 3D point accuracy1 ≤1.0mm
  • Typical lateral accuracy2 ≤1mm
  • Single image point density
    • Up to 45,000 points/m² in 0.5m distance
    • Up to 10,500 points/m² in 1m distance
  • Recorded 3D points3: Up to 88,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time
  • Typical Noise (rms)
    • 0.7mm @ 0.5m distance
    • 0.75mm @ 1m distance
    • 2.5mm @ 2m distanc
    • 5mm @ 3m distance
  • Best point filter4
  • Noise reduction of typically 40% when scanning the same object from different distances
  • Eye safety: Class 1 laser
  • Lighting conditions: Up to 10,000 Lux
  • Light source: Inbuilt auto LED flash
  • Scan volume: 8.1m³
  • Typical field of view (HxW)
    • 450mm x 530mm @ 0.5m
    • 930mm x 1,100mm @ 1m
    • 1,800mm x 2,000mm @ 2m
    • 2,600mm x 2,900mm @ 3m
  • Typical angular field of view (HxW)
    • 45°x56° @ 0.5m
    • 45°x59° @ 1m
    • 49°x54° @ 2m
    • 49°x52°@ 3m
  • Exposure time 0.02ms - 10ms (autoexposure)
  • Texture color: 24bit
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 310mm x 105mm
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0
  • Weight: 0.98kg
  • Power supply: 5W, USB 3.0-powered
  • IP rating: IP 52*
  • Calibration Optional in-field user calibration with supplied calibration plate.
  • Operating temperature range: 0- - 40°C
  • Operating humidity range: Non-condensing
  • Laser power: max. 800mW
  • Duration of pulse <= 10ms
  • Wavelength 798-821nm

Complete information Technical Specification Sheet for the Freestyle3D

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