FLIR T620 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

$ 13500

FLIR T620 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera sale includes all accessories, like new condition that has very little hours used, Calibrated by FLIR service and ready to use

FLIR T620 Thermal Imaging Camera includes

  • FLIR T620 infrared camera with lens, Calibration certificate
  • 2 (Two) Battery, Battery charger
  • Power supply, including multi-plugs
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Calibration certificate
  • FLIR Tools download card
  • User documentation CD-ROM, Printed documentation
  • HDMI-DVI cable, HDMI-HDMI cable
  • Hard transport case
  • Lens cap
  • Memory card
  • Neck strap
  • Tripod adapter
  • USB cable, Std A to Mini-B